Waterex uses dissolved air flotation, dissolved gas flotation and micro bubble flotation to deliver the appropriate water treatment solution for the application. Waterex's designs are backed by our own laboratory capability allowing Waterex to continually develop state of the art solutions for each client's specific application.

Waterex can use flotation technologies to provide solutions for many applications including:

  • Oil/organic stripping
  • Eutrophic bio-growth stripping
  • Industrial effluent polishing
  • Food industry effluent treatment
  • Pulp and paper effluents
  • Dyes and colouring agents
  • Separation of ultra fine flocs or slimes
  • Separation of bio effluents
  • Separation of ultra fine metallurgical slimes
  • Separation of hydrometallurgical precipitates

Dissolved Air Flotation
Dissolved air flotation is a water treatment process that clarifiers wastewater by the removal of suspended solids such as oil or solids. This removal is achieved by dissolving air into the water under pressure and then releasing the air in a flotation tank. The released air forms bubbles which adhere to the suspended solids causing them to float to the surface of the water where it may then be removed.

Water that is practically vulnerable to unicellular algal blooms and supplies with low turbidity and high colour often use dissolved air flotation.

Dissolved Gas Flotation
Dissolved gas flotation is a similar technology to dissolved air flotation with the exception that gas is used in place of air; an application that Waterex has used successfully in the past.

Micro Bubble Flotation Plants
Micro bubble flotation removes oil from water more efficiently and effectively than the previous two technologies. Unlike dissolved air flotation systems that rely on solubility and technology that uses relatively large bubbles, micro bubble flotation uses very small bubbles. Because of the increased surface area and contact time, micro bubbles are superior in capturing the smallest of oil particles to bring them to the surface for skimming.

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