Waterex has been designing and manufacturing clarifiers since 1959 for a range of industrial and mining applications. Our designs have been proven capable of clarifying feed containing 12.5% solids to an overflow clarity of less than 10mg/L.

Clarifier diameters up to 35m are available with the rake mechanism supported off a bridge. Waterex designs clarifiers on an individual bases to suit the application and can tailor the construction material.   

Hirate Clarifiers

Through Waterex’s proven hirate (hi-rate) clarifier design, sedimentation is encouraged through the development of a sludge blanket. With installations in applications such as mining, municipal, meat works applications, the Waterex hirate design is recognised performer.

Lamella Clarifiers

Lamella clarifiers utilise inclined plates to settle solids resulting in a smaller area footprint and are designed to maximise solids settling.  Waterex uses a number of different lamella  media types to allow us to customise units for specific applications.

Deep Cone Clarifiers

The Waterex range of deep cone clarifiers deliver a high quality overflow with a high density underflow. With the addition of counterflow baffles, laminar flow patterns , low energy consumption and no moving parts, these units are ideal for use in applications where a compact and low operating costs are paramount.  

Compact Clarifiers

Clients looking for thicker clarifier underflow, small footprint and reduced height tolerances prompted Waterex to develop compact clarifiers.  Adapting Waterex’s rake technology for our counterflow design and incorporating a shallow floor, these units deliver high clarity overflow with high density underflow.

Pin Bed Clarifier

Waterex’s patented Pin Bed clarifier technology combines a clarifier with an up flow filtration step to achieve high overflow clarity. Pin Bed clarifier applications include ultra-fine solids, gypsum and gelatinous solids removal. Frequently Waterex’s units deliver overflow clarities of less than 10ppm (10mg/L).

Solids Contact Clarifer

Waterex’s solids contact clarifiers (reactor clarifiers) eliminate the need for multiple tanks and associated piping and pumping. Mixing previously settled solids with feed through internal recirculation and forced contact allowing for better process reactions and improved flocculation.  Solids contact clarifier applications include turbidity removal, water softening , taste and odour removal.  

Waterex uses clarifiers to provide solutions for many applications including:

  • Gypsum and ghost silica stripping
  • Light organic or gelatinous precipitate separation
  • Tailings treatment
  • Thickening of activated sludge
  • Pregnant liquor recovery
  • Scrubber water clarification
  • Solids washing

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