Pilot Work

Controlled Testing at its best

Waterex customers derive a great deal of benefits from pilot trial work conducted either on-site or at one of our nominated premises.

This benefit can be measured in the confidence that they have in both the results generated and Waterex’s ability to replicate results at full scale.

In many cases this work leads to optimised equipment design and selection, different chemical selections, improved process performance or just a list of small changes that lead to big savings overall.

Previous clients have been able to reduce clarifier designs by up to 1m in diameter reducing prices by 8%, utilise different filters avoiding downtime, reduce gangue material passing through to IX systems and improve the life of resin, to list just a few possibilities.

If you are interested in talking to us about how trials can benefit your process please contact us.

Following the completion of a trial a full report can be provided including recommendations detailing full scale systems that could be utilised for the application.