Waterex uses Kleerflo strainers as our strainer of choice to remove large particles from water. The Kleerflo designs are backed by our own laboratory capability as well as input from our strainer supplier allowing Waterex to continually upgrade to present state of the art plants for client specific applications.

The Kleerflo self-cleaning strainer is designed to remove suspended solids from water utilising an integral backwash system. Units are available for flow rates up to 4,000m3/hr with line sizes up to 700mm and can be manufactured in a variety of materials and codes.

A unique control system, which can be electrically or pneumatically operated, allows for automatic backwashing of the filter elements. The backwashing cycle may be initiated by pressure differential, by a timer, an external command or manually. Actuation for backwashing can be achieved utilising either compressed air or the water line pressure where this is above 200kPa.

Waterex uses Kleerflo strainers to provide solutions for many applications including:

  • Pump gland seal water
  • Sea and fresh water cooling systems
  • Heat exchanger and nozzle protection
  • Irrigation systems
  • Pump inlet strainers
  • Water spray systems
  • Membrane pre-filtration
  • Plant supply water

Kleerflo strainers have very few moving parts and no rotating or spinning parts which reduces the wear of the equipment. The strainers are simple to access and require minimal maintenance.

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