Media Filters

Waterex uses the full spectrum of media filter technologies to deliver the appropriate water treatment solution for the application. Waterex's designs are backed by our own laboratory capability as well as input from our media suppliers allowing Waterex to continually develop state of the art solutions for each client's specific application.

Media filters offer high rate filtration even for arduous applications. Vessels are available in vertical and horizontal orientation with standard capacities ranging from 2.5 to 175 m3/hr/vessel with larger capacities being provided for process specific designs to over 1,500 m3/hr/vessel. Using stabilised media systems with single, dual or triple media allows for high backwash rates, even filtration and flow patterns, and high dirt holding capacities.

Media and Applications
Waterex uses many types of media and media combinations which may include but are not limited to:

  • Dual media fine is used to filter to 10 micron as standard or 5 micron for specialised duties
  • Dual media coarse is used to filter to 25 micron as standard with high dirt holding capacity
  • Triple media is used for high solid holding applications where frequency of backwash should be minimised and also where filtration of suspended solids plus absorption of organic or ionically active compounds is desirable
  • Catalytic media is used in the stripping of many undesirable elements
  • Activated carbon and DMI-65 can be used to remove particular dissolved solids including arsenic, iron, and manganese to name a few
  • BAC media is used to strip organics and colour
  • Hydrophobic media and/or media plus lamellae for oil/coalescing organic removal and recovery
  • Inverted beds may be used for high solid holding capacities

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